Each translation project is unique.
In order to respond specifically to your request, we need some information.

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If one of the language is not on the list, please choose "Other language" and indicate this in your message to us.

Source language (Mandatory)

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To establish an accurate quote

We need several elements:

  • type of work requested
  • type of file to be sent
  • source language and target language
  • number of words to be translated
  • field of application

In order to prepare proposals for specific business, we will closely analyze your expectations. A project manager will evaluate the steps and resources needed.

On your quote

Once the prior analysis is done, we will send you a quote, which includes:

  • price and delivery time
  • type of translation
  • number of words to be translated
  • type of file requested

This quote will be sent to you by email. The project manager will ensure that it is correctly received.

What is next?

After your order is accepted, the project manager will check all the provided files.
They will provide the necessary resources to ensure that work is delivered by the agreed date.
For the duration of the project, a project manager will attend to your needs and will be your sole point of contact..

If you have any glossaries, translation memories, or manuals specific to your project’s subject matter, you will need to provide these to us.