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Translation is truly a job for an expert.
That’s why we always do our utmost to produce quality translations in all fields and in all languages.

Translation: native translators

Our translators work exclusively on translations in which the target language is their native language. Thanks to this approach, the translation takes into account the country’s cultural nuances. This way, the highest quality of writing is obtained.

Translator: qualifications, experience, and specialties

We pay great attention to the choice of each translator. Our selection is rigorous and focuses on:

  • Degrees
  • Experience
  • Technical expertise (computers, literature, legal, engineering, etc.)

For even more faithful translations

Our work doesn’t end with translation. For even more accuracy, we add an additional monitoring step: reviewing. In this step, our correctors ensure there are no spelling or typographical errors, and that the style is fluid.

As an option, for very demanding text, an editing step may be added. The translation is then compared with the source text.
This phase allows us to detect and correct any possible errors (terminology, mistranslation, omissions, etc).

For over 12 years, we have worked mainly for companies located on 3 continents (Europe, America, Asia).
Our customer base consists of various companies, which include many translation agencies.

Localization for unbeatable fidelity

We carry out our translations by taking into account:

  • foreign language
  • culture of different countries
  • unique requirements specific to each sector of activity

As well as other elements, such as: :

  • Spelling
  • , Punctuation ;
  • {Grammar}
  • Style
  • « Idiomatic Expressions »
  • Verification of hyperlinks
  • Visual appearance

Customized service

Because each project is unique, our project managers take into account many different elements, including:

  • purpose of the translation
  • type of reader
  • activity type
  • target medium (brochure, packaging, website…)

A truly uniform style

Every time you entrust us with a project on the same subject, each new translated word is added to our database. Our digital tools enable us to reuse the same elements for new translations. And since we entrust each new project to a team that works with you (and which has become familiar with your business and its terminology), we can guarantee you that the style and quality of the final translation is truly uniform, publication after publication.

Each translation is performed exclusively by human translators.
We subject each project to quality controls.

The main sectors of activity in which we have worked

[ Commerce ]

  • Commercial documents
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Labor onventions
  • Business plans

[ Finances ]

  • Reports
  • Balance sheets
  • P&L
  • Audits
  • Tax returns

[ Tourism ]

  • Restaurant/food service menus
  • Restaurant/food service menus
  • Tourist Guides
  • Letters

[ Sworn translations ]

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage contracts
  • Statuts
  • Statutes
  • Contracts

[ Literary texts ]

  • Short stories
  • Novels
  • Essays
  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Scholarly works

[ Technical materials ]

  • Engineering
  • Terminology records
  • Patents
  • Instruction manuals
  • Technical data sheets

[ Advertising ]

  • Flyers
  • Marketing plans
  • Presentations
  • Product announcements or launches
  • Prospectuses/li>

[ Digital materials ]

  • User manuals
  • Program Interfaces
  • Video games
  • websites
  • Software localization

[ Legal ]

  • Commercial contracts
  • Labor contracts
  • Confidentiality clauses
  • Complaints
  • Powers of attorney/li>
  • Wills
  • Divorces

[ Scientific materials ]

  • Clinical trials
  • Manuals and articles
  • Doctoral theses
  • Product descriptions
  • Documents
  • Technicals
  • Summaries
  • Medication guides