A multilingual website gives you the opportunity to make yourself known in other countries, and to increase the number of page views.
This operation might seem simple: just translate the pages and add them to the website.
But the reality is rather different…

Multilingual website: the importance of SEO

A multilingual website is a great way to make yourself known internationally. It is also necessary for visitors to read the pages of the website.
3 opportunities to visit your website:

  • Directly typing the address of one of the pages
  • Clicking on a link or a banner ad
  • Using a search engine (Google, Bing, etc.)

In the case of this last option, the closer a page appears to the top of the results, the better the chances it has of being clicked on. Conversely, a page that is improperly classified has very little chance of being seen. This is why it is very important to optimize the seo of the pages of your multilingual website.

Duplicate content = a penalty from Google

Do you want to transform your website into a multilingual site? To do this, you must add each page translated into one or more languages. However, if these pages are simple translations, as might be done for a brochure, Google will consider that these are copies of existing pages. Effectively, the only thing that differentiates them is their language. Google penalizes all “duplicate content”.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why our challenge is to properly reference the translated pages without competing with the original pages.

Multilingual websites without SEO: what are the risks?

Correctly optimizing a multilingual website is a real challenge. Without the support of a SEO expert, this can be very risky.

Without any real SEO work oriented toward a multi-lingual website:

  • The translated pages will appear very low down on the results
  • Google will also lower the ranking of the original pages that have been translated!

Real translations for multilingual websites

At Studio Traduction, to transform your website into a multilingual website, translators work in close collaboration with a SEO specialist.
We provide you with a ready-made solution: translation + optimization of natural referencing.

We can also integrate the translated pages into your website. Please contact us for more information on the technical details.