Much more than simple foreign language courses

Each of our professors is a native speaker from the country whose language you will be learning.
During each course, you will be able at any time to ask about the habits and customs of the country, the daily life there, and practical information.

Courses in foreign languages via videoconference (Skype)

Skype is the ideal tool for talking with and seeing your teacher live, for sending, and more.

Advantages of language courses by skype

  • You don’t have to go anywhere! Choose where to take your language course
  • From any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone)

We tailor our courses to your needs and work to meet these challenges:
to help you make rapid progress in a foreign language and, if you desire, in a specific domain.

Who is it for?

Our foreign language classes are mainly suited for businesses, people who are or will be living abroad, students and, more generally, any individual who wants to progress quickly!

Which foreign languages?

We teach classes by Skype in many different foreign languages. Here are the ones that we teach most often:
Spanish/Portuguese/ French/English/Dutch/Italian.

Packs / Formulas

  • Pack 10 hours
  • Pack 50 hours

Individual courses

To provide the best way to learn a foreign language, our courses are exclusively one-on-one.

Material required

– Computer, tablet, or smartphone
– Webcam (if not installed on your device)
– Skype Account
– High-speed broadband or 4G connection


Very flexible: our teachers adapt to your time constraints.

Quote / Information

To obtain a free quote or information, call one of these 2 numbers: Phone: +33 (0)2 40 66 05 34 / +33 6 61 35 09 12

You can also take courses with teachers specialized in a particular field (e.g. law, business, computer science…)