Our expertise is not limited to written documents.
For all audiovisual documents, you can also take advantage of our expertise in foreign languages.


This alternative to dubbing has the advantage of reduced costs and times. Subtitling work is not just about simply reading. Our subtitlers work to truly capture the essence of the project. For this work, on the basis of the instructions, the sub-titler will choose the information to add, exclude, or modify.


Voiceovers are very common in documentaries, interviews, advertising spots, and institutional films. This technique involves replacing or mixing a narrative audio track with another in a foreign language. Studio Traduction offers high-quality services, thanks to its translators and specialized audio-visual technicians.

Voice recording

In general, voice recordings are done in recording studios. However, if costs are restrictive, or the quality level desired does not require a perfect recording, another option to consider is that of a portable studio.

Linguistic transcription

Linguistic transcriptions allow you to keep a written record of an event (seminar, congress, conference, meeting, etc.).

It is a written summary of an audio or video recording. Each of our transcripts faithfully reflects the oral form, removing imperfections (such as hesitations, noise, etc.)

Voice dubbing

Voice dubbing is performed by synchronizing words to the actors’ or characters’ lip movements. Each voice dubbing artist is, first and foremost, a professional actor or actress. They know how to convey accurately the emotions and nuances of the original dialogues.